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Welcome to Folanga, the popular freeware Foreign Language Game Collection.

All games are provided with lessons for many languages and can be easy extended with your own lessons.

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Software Links
Program that helps inserting accented characters into Word documents when not using a native keyboard.
Language Games
This private page brings to you ideas for the language teaching, especially language games with words, jokes and computer software (Word Soccer).
CDs Wordshoot
Freeware game where four invaders present choices to shoot for completing English sentences, has nice graphics and music.

Vocabulary trainer made by pupils for pupils, allows hard item repeating, adapting to learning states, mixing and printing of lessons and gives comfort by immediate synonym extension.
Vokabulary Champ
The Champ is a vocab trainer for English-German and French-German which provides multiple choice tests and crossword puzzles.
The Vokabulator is another vocab trainer with a broad CD-ROM vocabulary.
WINVOK is a universal vocabulary trainer, which supports many languages and is suited for young and old.

Other Links
Box-Club Heidelberg
Preferred box club in Heidelberg.